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user-centered design

What's Usability?

Usability is the evaluation and measurement of a product's overall ease-of-use. The more usable an item is, the easier it is for users to understand what they are looking at, find what they are looking for, and complete the task they are trying to accomplish. Generally, the more usable a product is, the happier the users are, the more likely they are to continue using your product or to buy it again.
Usability and User Research Services

Expert Review/Heuristic Evaluation
Includes a written report detailing potential usability problems with recommendations for addressing them, plus a follow up meeting with the product team to discuss the report.

Comparative Heuristic Evaluation
Same as above but comparing your product with a competitor product.

Lab Study (in your lab)
For teams at established corporations that have access to lab facilities and participant recruitment support, but do not have dedicated or sufficient user research resources. I can support your team in a vendor capacity.

Usability Consultation
Available to participate in design meetings, brainstorming discussions, and other informal gatherings to provide feedback from a usability perspective.

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