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Recent Work
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$1200 2002 Untitled 78" x 47"
$700 2002 Red with Bowl 16" x 36"
$600 2001 Untitled 2 panels 14" x 20" each
SOLD 2001 House 24" x 12"
SOLD 2002 Untitled 8" x 24"
$200 2002 Here 24" x 30.5" (framed)
Artist Statement for One Down, One to Go
For me, painting is an intuitive, exploratory process. In the words of Andy Goldsworthy, "My work comes first, reasons for it later." Working without premeditation or plan, on the surface my paintings are largely about formal issues such as color, texture, space, and line, but ultimately end up reflecting personal issues and conflicts - whatever they might be. I, like you, view the final pieces and wonder what they might be about.

Art then becomes a tool I utilize to examine my life.

As the title of this show hints, I have just finished my fist year of graduate school - and have one more year left. My intention in going back to school was to push myself to bring more awareness into my artistic process, transitioning me from an intuitive, exploratory method of working to a more conscious, purposeful one - a direction I felt was important to investigate given the underlying issues that often reveal themselves through my work.

My older work revealed themes involving the body, or my body, and perceptions of it. This past year has shown me that the personal issues are not limited to body only, but involve the whole of what it means to be a woman or a girl in American society, or what it has meant for me, and particular experiences, thoughts and feelings I have had. This work is just the tip of my awareness of my own feelings, and my comfort in having and expressing such feelings. The new works vary between extremely subtle and outright blatant. In a world where feminism is still largely perceived as a dirty word, I am not yet ready to set my most vulnerable side out in an obvious way. What you see here, then, is the less confrontational, softer, "more feminine" work.