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"Stutzman's approach includes an economic marriage of texture, color and line. The products are moody and intellectual - driven by Stutzman's attachment to process and hints of emotional content...Her formal choices draw viewers into a meditative space...Again it's not her gestural marks that attract our attention. It is the poetry of less." (read the complete review, PDF file)

- Karrin Ellertson, The Oregonian, July 20, 2001
"Jill Stutzman paints on a very real and easily relatable scale. These tableaux-like paintings fill the viewer's field of vision with heavily textured surfaces and a monochromatic palette. Stutzman enhances the illusion of a human specific scale by walking across of lying down on the wet surface of the painting, leaving a literal impression of the artist incorporated into the composition."

- Ben Meeker, Sightings, April/May/June 1997
"Painting in a different vein is featured at Commencement Art Gallery (902 Commerce), where Jill Stutzman displays an exhibit of non-representational paintings that are remarkable for their sensual texture and rich color.

Painting on wood (hollow-core mahogany doors and panels), Stutzman creates surfaces that beg to be closely examined, even touched. Patterned imprints of the artist's hands and feet subtly adorn several paintings.

Varying in scale from small to larger-than-life size, the collected paintings exert a powerful emotional appeal."

- Cary Smith, The Tacoma News Tribune, May 15, 1997

"(...) to the work in the newly expanded back room, which I like a great deal. Most of the work there is from upcoming artists, most of whom seem to be dealing to some degree with gender roles and identities - if the work selected is any indication. It is all strongly physical and searching work, seemingly critical of social identities and at least uneasy with a simple status quo.

(...) pieces in the back room include abstract field paintings by Jill Stutzman, including some of which are body prints, and one which has a target on the hip area and is entitled The Whirlpool Incident."

- Elizabeth Bryant, Art Access, December 1996